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When preparing to color the interior of your home there are a variety of factors that you need to take care of before you start. This guide should help you with understanding every one of the steps you should take while preparing for an interior or exterior painting job.

Interior and Exterior Paint Selection:

When selecting an interior paint color it could sometimes be a challenge. There a multitude of choices out there also it can be overwhelming but there are plenty of tools on the market to help you.

Hold off on making final choices in anticipation of having made your overall room scheme. You can find paint in any color and theme and it is one of the least expensive and "easiest" changes in your home. If you are looking for samples on fabric, carpet, wallpaper, tile go on it with you wherever you go. Most associates at any design store can help coordinate things along with you to make the best match.

Properly preparing your room for painting is just about the important key to get yourself ready for your space. Remove as much furniture as possible from the room and be sure to use drop cloths and cover the ground. Remove any pictures you could have hung, electrical plates, fans, and any other fixtures that may get in the way of your painting.

When you have children you might have walls which can be full of pen and crayon stains. Using a lquid detergent you can remove markings from pens and markers and you can even use some painting products for further coverage. If you have loose paint you have to remove you can purchase a putty knife to assist with the process.

There are some more things you need to manage before getting started. You have to clear the ceilings and walls of any dust and dirt. Rinsing the walls and ceiling with water that is clean can reduce and remove residue making the painting process easier.

A stride a lot of homeowners miss is cut around the edges of the room. Use a trim brush to reduce around where the wall and ceiling meet. Cut one section at a time.

When rolling the ceiling be sure to remove excess paint about the roller before rolling it to ensure that it does not spray while you roll. If you want to take extra pre-caution ensure that you have a sheet or something to prevent splatters in your hardwoods, carpet, or other flooring.

One of the best ways to improve efficiency would be to start in the corner of the wall and work your way our by using a W pattern using the roller. That way you'll be able to fill in without sing the roller.

Painting the trim is one of the most time intensive task but proper preparation can make the job come out cleaner making the room look nicer upon completion. Use painter's tape and apply it where the trim meets the wall. Make guaranteed to accurately place it exactly and permit room so that you can paint without risking messing up the project.

Thank you for checking out our guide and we hope it helps along with your next project. If you need further instruction with any interior painting project give us a call and we can come to your house and provide you with a FREE Home based Interior Painting Analysis.

Painting Company Atlanta

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